Griffin has been adopted!


Buff-colored, bright-eyed Griffin loves to play, loves lots of toys and room to run, loves to play with his foster mom’s hair, loves kisses, and loves to lay on your chest. Yep! Griffin is a super lovebug! In his lively batch of adorable siblings, he’s the ball of soft buff fluff with big soulful eyes and ivory velvet feet. Zipping and zooming and chasing toys, especially with the companionship of his favorite brother Tigger, keeps him bouncing and sliding and springing on those cute feet until it’s time for cuddle and snuggle time with his people. When he’s sprawled on your chest, gazing at you lovingly, you’ll both be off to slumberland in no time! A more handsome, playful, and affectionate gem would be hard to find. Could sweet Griffin be your beloved buff boy? If Tigger came too it would double the joy!

Littermates:  Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Kiki, Taz, Tigger