Tigger has been adopted!


Who has the kissy-est little face of all? That would be this super sweetheart named Tigger - who loves to give kisses! There’s never a shortage of fun in his days, since playtimes with his spirited siblings, especially with his favorite brother, Griffin, are full of delightful bounce and pounce! Romps, races, explorations, and kitten adventures keep him kicking up those happy little heels! Then it’s time to snuggle up for the affection he loves! With his sugar-dipped nose and smile, cloud-soft orange coat, and fuzzy wuzzy white feet, he is an irresistible snuggler with kisses to share! What a precious boy he will be in a forever home that adores him. Darling Tigger hopes he’s the treasure for you. What a wealth of fun and love if Griffin came too!

Littermates:  Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Griffin, Kiki, Taz