Katerina's adoption is in progress!

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White
16 weeks old

Katerina: The Playful Explorer
Katerina is a spirited bundle of joy, always ready to embark on a new adventure and spread love wherever she goes. With her playful nature and affectionate demeanor, she's the perfect companion for anyone seeking a furry friend to brighten their days.
Much like her siblings, Katerina is a purring machine, expressing her happiness and contentment with every moment of attention from her humans. But what sets her apart is her unique way of showing affection—she's a master at rubbing her body all over her humans' faces, leaving a trail of love in her wake. With her striking resemblance to Cosmo, Katerina is a vision of feline elegance, sporting a similar grey coat with white markings. But it's not just her looks that make her special—it's her playful spirit and adventurous soul that truly set her apart.
Whether she's chasing after toys, exploring new corners of the house, or showering her humans with love and affection, Katerina is sure to capture your heart with her charm and charisma. Embrace her playful antics and let her brighten your life with endless joy and laughter.

Littermates:  Aleko, Athena, Callista, Cosmo, Dino