Brandie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
13 weeks old

Meet Brandie: The Enchanting Black Beauty
This beautiful "black" beauty, Brandie, is ready for her forever home. With her friendly and lovable nature, Brandie is sure to capture your heart. She loves attention and has been great with her six siblings, making her a wonderful addition to any family.
Brandie takes a little time to warm up to new environments, but once she's comfortable, she becomes outgoing and affectionate. She’s perfect for children who have experience with kittens and cats, as she thrives on gentle and loving interaction.
Physically, Brandie looks similar to Buddy but is a little lighter with slightly yellower eyes, giving her a unique and enchanting appearance. Her sleek black coat and expressive eyes make her a striking and elegant kitty.
With a bit of patience and love, Brandie will become a faithful and loyal companion. Adopt Brandie today and bring home a sweet, loving, and beautiful kitty who will brighten your days with her presence.

Littermates:  Annie, Archie, Buddy
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