Archie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Brown Golden brown
13 weeks old

Meet Handsome Archie: The Energetic Lap Cat
Handsome Archie is a stunning kitty with a beautiful coat of light brown, almost beige-yellow, adorned with black stripes. His white chest add a touch of elegance, and his striking green eyes are sure to captivate anyone who meets him.
Archie's personality is as beautiful as his appearance. He absolutely adores people and is quick to join you if you sit down, making him the perfect lap cat. When he's not snuggled up on your lap, he's full of energy, running and playing with one of his six siblings. Archie's zest for life makes him a delightful companion.
Archie is ready for a home that can provide him with plenty of attention and playtime. While he is independent, he thrives on human interaction and will need a family that can spend quality time with him. His gentle nature makes him a great fit for families with children who have experience with kittens. Given the right circumstances, Archie will be a wonderful addition to almost any family.
Archie has been fostered with his siblings and is outgoing once he feels comfortable. He's a gentle, energetic kitty who would love to find a home where he can share his boundless affection and playful spirit. Adopt Archie today and welcome a beautiful, loving companion into your life!

Littermates:  Annie, Brandie, Buddy
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