Cassie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Manx / Dilute Calico
16 weeks old

Snuggles and cuddles are darling Cassie’s favorite things - unless there’s a hippity hoppity playtime underway with her four spirited siblings! Sometimes it’s hard for a sweetheart kitten to choose! She’s a super social, silky soft beauty in her unique coat of watercolor patches and lots of ivory, a picture-perfect dilute calico. This doll’s uniqueness also includes her itty bitty manx tail and very purry personality. When you scoop her up, she melts right into your arms, purr motor going, and likes to touch noses and share gentle cheek rubs. Whether this purrfect girl is bouncing after little toys or cozying up for the affection she loves, she’s irresistibly precious and sure to be a cherished member of a family that adores her. Could Cassie be the cuddlebug cutie for you?

Littermates:  Beckett, Bunny, Pixie
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