Boots passed away 3/8/2019. RIP.

Grey with white bib and paws

There should be a Nobel Peace and Sweetness Prize because our wonderful boy, Boots, would deserve to get it! He just may be the mellowest, lovingest, calmest kitty we've had! This lovebug never gets upset, is never demanding, wouldn't dream of getting up on a counter or trying to scoot out a door! He waits patiently to be loved on and listens attentively when you want a little conversation! He's like one of those great friends who just wants you to be happy and does whatever he can to see that you are! He has had a problem with seizures that are now in good control with medication. It may be that this gentle sweetheart turns the world's troubles a little bit inward kind of like a monk or a saint or a great peacemaker. He may be happiest as an only kitty or the companion of another gentle cat. Boots is patiently waiting to be a cherished treasure for a loving, secure home with kind voices, welcoming laps, soft beds, and sweet snuggles. Wouldn't it be grand to have a Nobel Peace and Sweetness Prize winner of your very own?!