Tinker has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Tortoiseshell Point

Tinker is a wonderful cat who loves to purr, play, pounce and have her ears scratched. She especially loves sitting cozily on her couch with her favorite people. She does fine with well-behaved dogs, but has not been around other cats. She did not do well with a toddler, but did great with the 10-year-old daughter in the home. (Her family is moving out-of-state and cannot take her.) While she does love to flop over and show her cute fuzzy belly, please note that is a TRAP and you should NOT attempt to rub her belly (no matter how tempting.) She's a bit sad and overwhelmed about losing the only home she's known, and would really love a loving home that's looking for a delightful cat.

Tinker & Timmy
Tinker as a baby