Gnocchi has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
White with black

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A HUGE CAT? Gnocchi is a BIG BOY with a bit of an attitude. (OK, he's a bully and picks on smaller cats ~ which means most other cats since he's ginormous.) He is a 3 year old fellow who has been known to ... ahem ... give "love bites" (chomp!) when perturbed or overstimulated (chomp!) so he would probably do best in a home that doesn't mind having a furry velociraptor leaving huge tufts of black and white fluff all over. He is friendly and social when HE wants to be friendly and social, and it's best to just leave him the hell alone the rest of the time. He would probably learn to do just fine with non-wimpy dogs but hasn't really been around dogs and we're concerned he might pick on a tiny, wussy dog. He would probably make a most excellent Guard Cat who would no doubt take a huge chunk out of anyone he wanted to scare off. He needs an experienced cat home with people who either don't have small kids (or who don't really like the small kids that come over) and who don't have other pets that Gnocchi might want to bully. He really is an awesome cat with more fur, size and personality than you've probably ever encountered. (He really likes some people, by the way ... you just have to learn his quirks, ya know?)

* Experienced Cat Owners Only
* No children