Puppy 10144 (Lula) has been adopted!

6 weeks old
Chihuahua / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
White & Brown

Lula is the leader of fun, adventure, and exploration. She has not been slowed down even after being dumped in a box with her family. She has all the energy in the world when she wakes up from a cat nap, and if you have any children, then you can identify with the look on her mother Julia's face when she watches what Lula is up to now. She enjoys using many things as toys including her water bowl! She likes to have all 4 paws on the ground where she is in control, so don't be surprised when you pick her up that her endless energy turns to what appears to be a nervous shake. When you put her back down on the ground she will be off on to her next adventure. We hope she will run her little paws all over your heart so that she can have a safe home to grow up in.

6 weeks old
litter 5 weeks old