Puppy 10469 Captain Salty has been adopted!

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Chihuahua

This tiny but mighty boy was fortunate to have caring citizens notice that the box that was left on the side of the road was moving. They witnessed the driver leaving the box on the side of the road, and when the box moved with out the help of wind, they new they should investigate. There were baby puppies looking up at them when they opened the box. They were brought to the Cat House on the Kings where they received everything that puppies need: food, baths, constant water, comfy beds, love, attention, beginning house training, more love, vaccines, a lot more food, spay/neuter, toys, treats, and the priceless gift of time to grow enough to go up for adoption. Captain Salty is the tiniest of boys but his loving affectionate personality is giant. He adores human beings, he wants to be your scarf when he is not playing and practicing his prairie dog maneuvers! He will make your heart bigger than you ever imagined it could be, he however won't do much for your muscles as you lift him due to his tiny stature. He is wonderful with other animals, he's been around all kinds and sizes. If you love kisses with heart, Captain Salty is the fellow for you!

Littermates:  Blaze, Mazey