French TV Filming, Feb 4th 2016

Photos from French TV filming, Feb 4th 2016.

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Sanctuary below Snowy Mountains
Camera assistants
Camera assistants action
Camera cheer squad
Kitten Quarters Adoption and Gift Shop
Kitten Quarters Felicity
Kitten Quarters greeter
Kitten Quarters information officer
Kitten Quarters Adoption Play Room
Kitten Quarters rescue exchange
Kitten Quarters 2
FIV House
FIV Playground
FIV walkway play
FIV Cat Tree
Dedication Driveway
Main House Kitchen tour
Main House Kitchen
Main House Living Room
Tour assistant Toto
Main House Kitty Garden
Main House
Main House Sun Window
Main house porch
Extended Porch view
Filled in pool area during grounds wellness check
Cricket tour assistant
Path to Pasture Project
Tour team
Tour trailers
Trail to Pasture Project
Runs between Main House and Pasture Project
Pasture Project prelude
Pasture Project morning feeding
Pasture Project
The Ghetto
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn is open
Pasture Project Cat Trees
Pasture Project First House
Pasture Project view
Cat Trees
Sanctuary sunrise
Kings River perimeter check
Kings River Feral A Frame
Tent City
Tent City inside
Tent City feeding station
Real cat tree
Lynea Field of Dreams
Kings River morning mist
Wheres Waldo
Wheres Waldo action
Wheres Waldo camera assistants
Wheres Waldo jumper
Photo Op Bench
Photo Op Bench Lynea
Kings River view
Kings River Cat Trees
Limpy with Seniors view
Seniors path from river
Lynea Field of Dreams path to Seniors
Seniors expansion
Seniors Alfies Annex
Seniors Alphies Annex
Seniors Alfie Annex
Seniors Alfies Annex
Seniors Alfies Annex inside
Seniors sun porch
Seniors front porch
Seniors inside
Business Office
Business Office inside
Daphne Lyneas Cat
Lynea Foster Home
Lynea Puppy Patio
Incoming kitten
Phone calls phone calls
Mama Mia
Cat tree perch
Spay Neuter transport
Spay Neuter pick up in KQ
Office paper weight
Sensational Staff
Mes Amies

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