Looking for a Miracle – Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

On March 13 of this year, The Cat House on the Kings received an email. “My name is Jimena and I am looking for a miracle. I live in Venezuela and as the world knows has become very dangerous country…” She went on to explain that she had the opportunity to flee the country with her daughter, but she didn’t want to leave her four cats behind. And she couldn’t take them with her. She asked if The Cat House on the Kings would take her cats if she raised the funds to transport them from Venezuela to the USA. Lynea Lattanzio, Cat House on the Kings Founder/Director, was quick to reply to Jimena: “If you can get them to us, we will take them.”

On May 21, Jimena’s four cats Harry (age 8), Mimosa (age 7), Bruster (age 5) and Coco (age 1.5) landed safely at San Francisco International and were picked up by Cat House on the Kings Board Member Francie Caraker and her husband, Michael and driven to their home. We will have more photos and updates about these very special rescued kitties over the next while ~ but we wanted to announce that Miracles DO Happen! =^..^=

Jimena wrote:

I allow myself to share a few pictures of each of my loves with all of you.

Harry is the oldest, somebody threw him inside the Building, his eyes were closed, his ears were closed and he even had part of the umbilical cord, between my daughter (who was 7 years old in that moment) we take care of him with a lot of love turning into a beautiful cat who will be 9 years old in november of this year, with me he is usually is jealous and protective, the next year of having Harry we rescued Mimosa she was not so little and came with a small surprise who was born inside this apartment, she looked for me when she was ready to give birth and I support her all the time, Bruster was born showing his legs first, and turned 5 years in March of this year, and the last is my naughty and sweet Coco is the daughter of a feral cat who I use to fed, we rescued her when she has about 1 month 1/2 she lost her mother, being at home my daughter and I heard a loud cry coming from the street, and ran down looking in the street between the cars and found her climbing on one of the tire of a parked car, she was so small, was all wet and dirty, we bring her to the apartment we clean it, we feed and we fell in love with her, not more than 1 day passed and she went out and conquered Harry, Bruster and Mimosa who adopted her as her own daughter, all the time watching where she was and cleaning her, she will be 2 years old in July, she is very funny, plays with everything, loves to take sticks or papers or whatever and bring them into the bed or put it into the water and then make disasters trying to get out from the water

As all cats they are beautiful, smart and unique.

Also I can tell they are so protectives and care as dogs.

I have two anecdotes that talk about this, one is with Harry, 6 years ago I got divorced and like most divorces it was not easy, one day my ex-husband came to talk with me and raised his voice tone starting to scream, Harry felt that he was a threat to me and bite him, my ex calmed down ... but after a while he started screaming again and Harry bite him again then my ex left.

The second anecdote is with Bruster, Venezuela is a very dangerous country since years ago, so 3 years ago Bruster was sleeping on the terrace of the apartment with his mom Mimosa (my terrace is part of the apartment all closed with windows, etc), I live in a 4th floor and in my room was Harry with me (Coco was not born yet) and my daughter in the other room, he was sleeping at my feet at dawn I woke up because I heard meowing Bruster but it was a different meow, with fear and insistence and loud, I sat in bed and Harry ran down to go to see Bruster did not spend 2 minutes when Harry came back running and got under the bed, I realized that someone had gotten into the apartment, I got up quickly and when I left the door of my room I found a man entering from the terrace towards the rooms, of course I began to scream and that person run out jumping thru the window (that person climbed the walls of the building, all this happened at 3:30am), thanks to my beautiful Bruster who warned me and woke me up nothing to regret happened So cats are amazing animals!!!!

Sorry my spanglish and the long of the story I just wanted let you know a little bit of them.

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