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Name: Athena Description: Female, 2 years old (DOB 8/8/2020), Domestic Short Hair, Brown Brown Tabby (Remove)

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As a kitten where will Athena be? Indoor only Outdoor only Indoor/Outdoor
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Have you ever surrendered an animal? Yes No
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Do you know how to treat the following?
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Ear Mites: Yes No
Tape Worms: Yes No
Round Worms: Yes No
Would you have Athena declawed? Yes No
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If you move, what will you do with Athena?
Full name of person who will care for Athena if you are unable to?
Are you financially able and willing to give Athena the medical care she may need? Yes No
Are you prepared to care for Athena for her natural life (which may be over 20 years)? Yes No
May we call you at work if unable to reach you at home for our follow-up calls? Yes No
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I certify that I am at least 18 years old.
I certify that the above information is true and understand that misrepresentations may result in the cancellation of the adoption.

Please note: We do not share your information with any other organization or company for any purpose whatsoever.

  • The adopter must pick up the cat in person from The Cat House on the Kings sanctuary or off-site Adoption Center. If you live outside Central California, you will have to travel to our adoption center in Central California where the cat is being cared for. To ensure the safety of the cats in our care, we will neither transport or ship them nor will we allow a third party to pick up the cat on the adopter's behalf. We may make an exception on a case-by-case basis for an immediate member of the adopter's family. If this requirement is not acceptable to you, please do not submit an application!
  • If you choose to travel from out of the area to The Cat House on the Kings and adopt from us, you must agree to accept 100% of the financial responsibility for the care of the cat(s) and that if something does not work out with the cat(s), you will be responsible for returning the cat(s) to us safely at your expense. (We do not have the ability or financial resources to travel out of the area to retrieve our cats.) If this requirement is not acceptable to you, please do not submit an application!