Foster Application

Thank you for becoming a foster caretaker for cats and kittens in the The Cat House on the Kings (TCHotK) program. Fosters must be agreeable to home visits by appointment from designated staff or foster volunteers if needed to ensure the safety and welfare of the foster cats. After we review your application, we'll be in touch about the next steps.

Please note: You must live within a one-hour drive (approx. 60 miles) of our Petco Adoption Center in Fresno, CA and be willing to foster for a minimum of 3-4 weeks.

First Name:
Last Name: Age:
Phone (home):
Phone (work):
Phone (cell):
Confirm e-mail:
Emergency contact name: Emergency contact phone:
How long at this address?
Please list all of the people living with you and their ages:
Best time to contact you: Best contact method:
Employer: Position:
1. Have you fostered kittens/cats before?
Yes No
2. Are you allowed to have pets where you live?
Yes No
3. Do you have pets living with you now?
Yes No
If yes, please list species and ages:
4. Are your pets' vaccinations current?
Yes No
5. Do all family members agree to fostering?
Yes No
6. Do any family members have allergies to cats/kittens?
Yes No
7. Will anyone assist you with socializing?
Yes No
If they are children, please list their ages:
8. Do you have screens on your windows?
Yes No
9. Do you have a separate room in which to keep the foster cat(s)?
Yes No
10. Do you work away from home?
Yes No
If yes, how many hours will you be away?
11. Are you able to take kittens to work with you?
Yes No
12. What age kittens/cats can you foster? <
0 - 4 wks (pre-weaned)  4 wks - 6 mos  Adult Mom & Babies
13. How many kittens/cats can you foster at one time?
14. Are you willing to take care of the kittens/cats if they become ill?
Yes No
15. Can you take a sick animal to the vet, or be home for volunteer pick-up?
Yes No
16. Are you willing to show kittens/cats in your home for adoptions?
Yes No
17. Are you able to transport kittens/cats to weekend adoption fairs?
Yes No
18. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
19. May we add you to the mailing list for our quarterly newsletter and occasional announcements?
Yes No
I agree to keep my foster kittens/cats indoors at all times. No exceptions.
I agree that I will not foster for any other organization or individual at the same time that I am fostering kittens/cats for The Cat House on the Kings.
I agree that I will not reveal or discuss The Cat House on the Kings adoption criteria in any way whatsoever, including social media, and will address any questions or concerns that may arise only with The Cat House on the Kings designated adoption coordinators.
I represent that I am currently 18 years or older and all of the information I have provided in this Foster Application is true and complete. I understand and agree that I must transport the cat(s) to and from the Petco Fresno Adoption Center when the cats need vaccinations, to get the cat(s) spayed or neutered, or for any other reason. In addition, I understand and agree that upon demand by a representative of The Cat House on the Kings, I will return the cat(s) to the Petco Fresno Adoption Center within twenty-four (24) hours. I understand and agree that the cat(s) will remain the property of The Cat House on the Kings at all times. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT I AM ONLY AUTHORIZED TO TEMPORARILY FOSTER THE CAT(S), NOT TO ADOPT THEM. IF I WISH TO ADOPT THE CAT(S), I MUST COMPLETE AN ADOPTION APPLICATION AND GO THROUGH THE ADOPTION PROCESS, AND I UNDERSTAND THAT I MAY NOT BE APPROVED.