Surrender Exchange Program Partner Application

Qualified rescue groups and shelters may participate in our Surrender Exchange Program in which we take an unadoptable cat from the organization and the organization agrees to take some number of adoptable cats from us over the following 12 months. Please review the general terms and conditions of the program before submitting an application to particpate.

This application form is required to qualify your organization to participate in the program at some point in the future. The actual exchanges are established when a cat is surrendered.

When the information for a field is not available, enter "N/A".

General Contact Information

Full Organization Name:
State/Province: ZIP:
E-mail address:
Website URL:
Facebook Page URL:


Please provide the names and contact information for your Executive Director and Board Members.

  First Name Last Name Email Address Phone
Ex. Director:
Board #1:

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What type is your organization?
Rescue Group SPCA Animal Control
What year did you begin adoptions?
Are you a 501(c)3?
Yes No
What animals do you work with primarily?
Cats Dogs Both Equally
  Cats Dogs
Annual intake:
Annual adoptions:
Where do you do adoptions?
Our adoption center Foster homes Pet store


Are you 100% NO-KILL?
Yes No
Are you willing and able to provide vet. care for any animal you take from us?
Yes No
Do you allow your adopters to de-claw?
Yes No
What types of home do you allow? Indoor Only Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Barn Home
Do you spay/neuter all animals who are adopted out?
Yes No
Do you test for FeLV/FIV?
Yes No
Do you take back any animal when the adopter can no longer keep them?
Yes No
Do you have foster homes/arrangements set up for the exchange animals?
Yes No

Veterinarian Reference

Clinic name:
State: ZIP:
Contact name:


  First Name Last Name E-mail Address Phone
Reference #1:
Reference #2:


Please provide both your adoption application form and adoption contract.

You may either copy & paste a link to a document that is available online or upload the document file (e.g. Word or PDF).

Adoption Application Form:
Adoption Contract: